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Has strongly grown  in popularity over the past years. You ride on the boats wake standing sideways on a small surfboard without bindings. A rope will help you to get started, which you can drop once the boat has reached a speed of approx. 17 km/h, producing a constant and never ending surf wave.


The "summer version of snowboarding". You ride sideways on a small board with bindings while holding onto a rope at a boat speed around 30 km/h. The moves are closely related to those of snowboarding. Hit the wakes as a "kicker" for jumps or as a "rail" for slides.

Wakefoiling (new from 2024)

You stand sideways without bindings on a wakeboard-like board with a mast with wings attached to its bottom. At a boat speed around 17 km/h you can literally take off with this device and fly over the water. An incredible feeling! With our special wake foils you will learn this safely and quickly. First with and then without the pull of a rope. The mastery of the waterstart on a wakeboard or wakesurfboard is required for wakefoiling.


Waterskiing on two skis is like skiing in the mountains, just on the water behind the boat at a speed of around 30km/h. Another version of this sport is monoskiing. You only stand on one ski with one foot in front of the other. Experience the fascinating dynamics of monoskiing at speeds between 40 and 58 km/h .